Production Contractor


This was a play written and directed by Caro Caden, a fellow UGA student, and explores LGBT religious communities and trauma through humor. I volunteered as the lighting designer for the play, designing and operating a lighting rig in both a traditional theatre setting and a local church from November to December 2022.

Independent Contractor/Volunteer

As an independent contractor, I worked with several organizations including BigStuf Events, Gwinnett Church, Athens Church, and Buckhead Church between February 2016 and October 2021. During this time, much of my work focused on loading in/out events (with an emphasis on lighting rigs) and operating lighting programming for church services. This included not only running through the pre-programmed show and adjusting house/key lights, but also editing the programming the day of an event to better meet the feel/needs of the space. I also contracted/volunteered as a roaming and standing camera operator for live events.

BigStuf Ministries: Production Associate (Lighting Operator)

In the summers of 2016 and 2017, I served as the production associate summer staff member with BigStuf ministries, specifically working as the lighting operator. For this position, I operated and troubleshot the lighting systems for daily sessions for a summer-long youth camp, helped oversee production interns, and participated in the load in/out of production gear and staging for the summer.

BigStuf Ministries: Intern

In the summer of 2015, I worked as an intern with BigStuf Ministries, holding a range of responsibilities related to production work and the daily operation of camp. This included aiding in the check-in process for churches and students, setting up camp activities, working in the camp store (inventory, register, customer service), and basic production roles (running speaker notes, camera operation, setting up basic audio systems).


General Photos from Production Gigs